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tfa founder"First Class, First Step"


Mai Nhung has a very special gift with kindergarten education. Having earned a Bachelor of Finance & Accounting and a Bachelor of Business Administration, she has been offered many opportunities in the field of education; especially with children, in Vietnam and outside of Vietnam. She was greatly inspired by the opportunities to work with children and experts in children's education. She decided to do further research and study in order to apply her knowledge and establish herself in this industry. For the past nine years, three important phases of development have evolved through her pursuit of excellence in this field.

After four years in Malaysia, she returned to Vietnam to make her first noteworthy achievement. In 2007, Wonderland Preschool was established in Ha Noi with the motto: "Cared by warmth, educated by love". As the founder and CEO of the school, she has managed to run and lead the school very successfully. Today, it is marked as one of the leading kindergartens in Ha Noi, both in the quality of education and the ideal environment conducive to learning for children at a very young age.

The second ongoing phase of her development regards her involvement in the community of education professionals. She not only wants to run a kindergarten of her own, but maintains her reputation as a professional, devoted and highly effective consultant for other kindergartens; she works effectively with other schools to help them manage their own dynamics. "Mai Nhung" is becoming quite a popular and trustworthy name in many private kindergarten systems in Ha Noi and Ho Chi Minh city. She has become well-known for her approach of setting up an integrated education system.

The third and current phase of her career is The First Academy: The first high-class academy model for children in their early years. She would like to share her precept that even at this age, children do not only need to be fed and cared for but also educated. She has built a new education system that implements 14 subjects with both International and Vietnamese approaches. This unique style of teaching seeks to develop children's five senses while equipping them with a solid foundation of knowledge and skills. Children that stand on a sure foundation like this will be fully prepared to easily integrate and thrive in many different living environments.