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Our Teachers

The FIRST Academy takes pride in its very high teacher/student ratio for the very young age groups which require special care, namely:


PRE – TOT 1 4.5 – 12 month-olds 1 teacher/ child.

PRE – TOT 2 12 – 18 month-olds 1 teacher/ 3 children


The teaching staff at TFA all hold degrees in education and are dedicated & capable teachers. Our teachers regularly take part in professional development workshops led by our CEO & academic management staff along with education professionals from other pre-schools.

In addition to their professionalism, dedication, and love for child(ren), we believe that every staff member at TFA brings adds something special to our school and we believe that you will have a chance to see just how special we are when he/she enrolls in TFA. 


Our Environment

When The FIRST Academy was founded, we set out to be a green, friendly and aesthetic school. During the construction, design, and interior decoration of the school every step of the process was carefully monitored to ensure compliance with environmental regulations. All of the equipment at the school has been imported from overseas and is of the highest international quality.


All of our classrooms are full of sunlight and child-friendly toys. Every school has a separate Montessori room with a small nature library. The majority of the books in TFA's library are in bilingual English-Vietnamese editions. All of our students participate in a Music for kids class where they have the chance to play piano and other musical instruments. Every room is equipped with an HD projector for presentations, foreign language lessons, and watching films at the end of every week.


Every week, our students get the chance to show off their creativity and culinary skills by creating their own meals in TFA's very own pre-school-sized kitchen.


Parent Collaboration

At The FIRST Academy we believe that the participation of parents in their child(ren)'s education is of utmost importance in order for our students to have a well-rounded and successful education. Every year, we hold a parent's day where parents have the chance to observe how we teach and share their opinions. We need your help & your opinions to continue the process of becoming a better & better school.