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What is STEM Education?

Recognizing the importance of a scientific education, THE FIRST ACADEMY, has created a pre-school science program which emphasizes the teaching of science, technology, and mathematics for our pre-school, kindergarten and pre-primary students (from 3.5 to 6 years of age).


THE FIRST Academy, in collaboration with ELI VIETNAM and Icarnegie of Carnegie Mellon University, has developed a STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) syllabus suitable for very young learners. At present, STEM-centered education is already in use 20 technologically advanced countries such as the USA, South Korea, and Japan. By interacting with robots in extracurricular lessons on the grounds of BCIS (the Bilingual Canadian International School), our students can be inspired to learn about science.


The benefits of STEM include:


STEM is a new and exciting method of teaching science

Allows your child(ren) to express their creativity through building activities with constructive toys.

Through STEM, students learn about 4 subjects, namely science, technology, engineering, and math simultaneously.

STEM develops our students' creativity, imagination, patience, teamwork, presentation skills, independence as well as their facility with English.

By combining learning and play, STEM motivates students to take part in a team where they can compete with each other and have a sense of accomplishment.


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