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1. What is the FIRST Academy?

TFA là một học viện mầm non đầu tiên tại Việt Nam

TFA is one of the first academies for very young learners in Vietnam

TFA được thành lập vào năm 2013 bởi Meridian., Jsc

TFA was founded in 2013 by Meridian, Jsc.

TFA đón nhận học sinh từ 4.5 tháng tới 6 tuổi (tốt nghiệp)

TFA welcomes students from the ages of 4.5 months to 6 years of age.

TFA là mô hình giáo dục có bản quyền

TFA is copyrighted educational model.

2. What can The FIRST Academy do for your child(ren)?

In addition to providing your child(ren) with nourishment & care, TFA has a system of education which can help your child(ren):

Take care of themselves

Appreciate nature

Think logically

Enjoy making discoveries

Build their patience

Do abstract reasoning

Perform calculations

Learn social skills

Get the message of each activity they join

Learn the importance of protecting the environment

Be part of a community

Be independent

3. What is the teacher/student ratio?

Pre-tot 1 Programme (4.5-12 months)/ 1:1

Pre-tot 2 Programme (12-18 months)/ 1:3

Toddler 1 Programme (18-24 months)/ 1:5

Toddler 2 Programme (24-36 months)/ 1:5

Preschooler Programme (3 – 4 years-old)/ 1:5

Kindergarten Programme (4 –5 years-old)/ 1:8

Pre - Primary Programme (5 –6 years-old)/ 1:10

4. What is the application process?

You may either:


  1. Download and fill out an application form from our website and fax to (+84) 862908757 or email to: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
  2. Come to TFA and apply directly at reception


We ask that all parents please complete this application form in full before bringing your child(ren) to TFA. We can accept new pupils only after their parents have completed the application and officially registered an inducation date for their child(ren).


The information you provided in the Application profile will be the official evidence related to any issue of the child(ren)'s health, as well as the wishes of the family and all expenses must be paid to the school. If you wish to change any information regarding the care and education of your child(ren), we request you to collect the profile of your child(ren) for editing and signature, then please return it to the Admissions office. The Board of Directors and Board of school will not take any responsibility on any non-written information and changes.


All the child(ren) who are the first time joining THE FIRST ACADEMY should attend a 2 trial weeks which called "Hello new friend!". In these two weeks, your child(ren) will be special well taken care of in order for him/her to get used with the new environment. This helps your child(ren) overcoming any psychological stress which may occurred. The Fee for Trial period is a non-refundable fee. During this trial period, the school expects to receive your close collaboration and please help us to bring your child(ren) to the school regularly to boost successfully the process of getting used with new environment of your child(ren).


The FIRST Academy only accepts part-time child(ren) for those who are in the Trial period. The flexibility is also applied for child(ren) who have low adaptability. We will only accept part time children lasting for a period of between 11 – 22 days (within a month). We hope you understand that providing full time care and education is crucial for the children to achieve the objectives of being disciplined and becoming familiar with all academic programs as well as fully participated in all school activities.


To avoid any psychological effect to the other children in the same class of your child(ren), the school expects the Parents not to stay in the class room with your child(ren) longer than 10 minutes (we will advise and have flexibility to the special case of extremely difficult individual). If you fail to comply with the request, we are afraid that there will be more time needed for your child(ren) to adapt and integrate with his/her teachers and friends. Thus, we sincerely hope to receive your strongly support and close cooperation in this matter.

6. How do you ensure that my child(ren) stay healthy and safe?


One consequence of bringing your child(ren) to pre-school is that they will have a chance to "share" lots of germs with their classmates. Therefore, we ask that you please observe the following rules for the sake of our students' and teachers' health: 


Please do not bring your child(ren) to school if s/he has a runny nose with green or yellow pus.

Please do not bring your child(ren) to school if s/he is coughing (in asthma) and coughing with green or yellow pus.

Please do not bring your child(ren) to school if s/he has the disease manifestations of hand - foot - mouth or meningococcal.

If you found your child(ren) with the signs of regular sneezing, watery eyes and constant fever, it is best to let the child(ren) rest at home, and need to be aware of the initial symptoms which possibly be infectious diseases.

Do not bring your child(ren) to school in a state of severe disability or not yet recovered from a period of illness.


Note: If your child(ren) has any symptoms, signs of wonder which caused danger to the children or there are signs mentioned above, we will keep your child(ren) in isolation in the school Clinic and will phone you to come over to pick up your child(ren). In the case you are too busy and cannot come immediately, the school will act on behalf of you, to bring your child(ren) to the hospital for examination and treatment. All expenses will be borned by the family. Please register with us for this service in the Application form.



The schools requests you to provide health certificate certified by the doctor and the possibility for your child(ren) to get back to the school on the first day of his/her school resume after a long period of being ill or injury needed to be hospitalized. We expect you to follow strictly this regulation.


We also hope that you will contact us as soon as possible if your child(ren) suffer from common cold symptoms so that we can take immediate action to prevent and avoid contagious to other children, if necessarily.

7. What are the fees at The FIRST Academy?

Enrolment fee is one off payment fee only

The 2 weeks trial program "Hello new friend" is a compulsory program for every new child(ren), before officially joining The FIRST Academy. Trial fee is non-refundable fee.

School fees is paid by your options of choice: 1 month, 3 months, 6 months or an academic year. The school fees are specified here.

On the 25th of every month, The FIRST Academy will inform parents of any fees they owe for the following month. We ask that you pay tuition/n between the 28th-30th of every month.


Note: We ask that you please read the rules of payment carefully and sign the payment agreement when registering your child(ren). If you wish to receive a refund for classes your child(ren) will not be able to attend, we ask that you fill out a leave request form and deliver it to the office of student services in advance. You will receive a refund only after your child(ren)'s leave has been approved by the school's managing director.


Extracurricular fees will be charged from 17:00 every day. We are happy to arrange extracurricular lessons with the children of parents who, for one reason or another, cannot take their child(ren) home by 17:00. We ask that parents contact the office of student services before 15:00 to allow us enough time to prepare the best possible extracurricular services for your child(ren).


Note: To ensure the best learning environment for busy parents and their children, The FIRST Academy organizes extra classes on Saturdays as well as child-care services during Tet. These extra lessons and services will be organized depending on demand, as we require at least 5 pupils or more to organize extra lessons. 

The FIRST Academy requires children to wear a uniform at school for 4 days per week (on Fridays children are allowed to wear whatever they like). Therefore, we ask that you buy enough uniforms and a matching backpack for your child.

The FIRST Academy has several promotions for families with 2 or more children, including:

Giảm 10% học phí cho trẻ thứ hai (không bao gồm phí ăn)

Giảm 15% học phí cho trẻ từ thứ tư trở đi (không bao gồm phí ăn)

Giảm 20% học phí cho trẻ từ thứ tư trở đi (không bao gồm phí ăn)


All pupils at The FIRST Academy are covered by the school's accident & injury insurance policy, provided by Groupama.


Payment methods: bank transfer and direct payment

Note: When making payment by bank transfer, please make a note of your child's full name and which class they belong to on the bank transfer statement. We also ask that parents accept responsibility for paying bank transfer fees.

8. If it’s not convenient for me to deliver my child(ren) myself, does The FIRST Academy have any transportation services?

TFA has a bus service for the children of busy parents. If you wish to make use of this service, please register with the Office of Student Services so that we can plan our bus route & schedule accordingly.


Please note that the fee for the bus service is non-refundable and must be paid at the same time as tuition every month.


In cases where children do not need to take the busy every day, we ask that parents pay taxi fare as well as a separate service charge to have a member of our staff pick up and drop off your children.

9. Who do I contact if I have any other questions?

Please contact us via our:


Phone: (84) 8 62908739

Fax:(84) 8 62908757


Fee Management of TFA


Ms. TRAN YEN VY (Accountant)

Mobile : (+84) 903 735 452