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In our curriculum, students at this age will be completely cared for in order to foster their mental and physical development. Our pre-tots program is based on three principles: Care, Play and Developing Awareness.

Care: In a loving & professional environment equipped with only the most modern facilities, pre-toddlers will be cared for, nurtured and while still treated with the respect that these little persons deserve so that they can be themselves.

Learn and Play: With a wide variety of age-appropriate toys to choose from, our pre-toddlers will learn to explore the world around them while expanding their knowledge, developing their language skills, and learning to behave nicely with each other.

Developing skills: Students at this age work on learning to crawl, walk, and perform everyday activities independently.


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By this age, children's skills, knowledge and awareness is more developed. We guarantee that we support your child(ren) completely with throughout these changes. Through learning to socialize, play, stories, listen to music and create art your toddlers will develop naturally into a curious and inquisitive young learners. Moreover, your child(ren) will not only learn more about the world but will also learn to become a responsible little person by learning how to clean up for themselves and help their teachers and classmates, thereby learning to take pride in the work they do.


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Our PRE-SCHOOL curriculum concentrates on the development of your child(ren)'s intellectual & emotional intelligence. At this age, it is very important for your child(ren) to begin to learn to verbalize their feelings so that they can learn to behave well with others. In addition, at this level, your child(ren) will begin to develop their vocabulary and writing skills by learning the alphabet, how to write their own name as well as learning to recognize numbers and do basic arithmetic. In this way, your child(ren) will be able to expand their knowledge and develop social skills while also becoming more mature.


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Our KINDERGARTEN program will help your child(ren) to complete their intellectual & emotional development. At this age, your child(ren) will also start to learn write, read, and do math as they prepare to make the transition into primary education.


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This age is the turning point for your child(ren) to truly become a mature young person, and helping your child to make this transition is our aim as well. In addition to learning knowledge and skills, our pre-primary students learn to be independent, self-confident, responsible members of society as well as peace and environment lovers.


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